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5 Healthy Habits for Elderly Individuals Aging In Place

The key to successfully aging in place is to maintain relatively good health. When your loved one starts to suffer health issues, their ability to function and care for themselves (even part of the time) is significantly decreased. There’s no miracle pill they can take to remain healthy. Staying well long into your later years requires a combination of decent diet, moderate amounts of exercise, regular doctor screenings and a number of other good habits. Your loved one may need a nudge in the right direction at first but these healthy habits for elderly individuals can help them live longer, live better, and live more independently.

5 Healthy Habits for Healthy Seniors

1) Practice Prevention

Waiting until health problems arise can complicate matters significantly—especially since many older individuals keep the aches, pains, and problems to themselves. The single best habit for healthy lives well into our later years is to schedule regular screenings with health professionals. These trained specialists can spot (and often slow or reverse) “minor” issues that have a good chance of turning into something major.

2) Keep Your Smile Healthy Too

All too often elderly individuals ignore their dental health but elderly individuals suffer more dental issues like cavities, abscesses, and infections than younger people. These oral health problems have been linked to major health risks like heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Elderly individuals should visit the dentist every six months or sooner if needed.

3) Stay Active

Engaging in even moderate amounts of exercise on a regular basis is a great way to:

  1. Improve muscle tone (which helps prevents falls)

  2. Strengthen weak bones (which prevents breaks)

  3. Maintain a healthier weight (which prevents a host of health problems)

  4. Improve blood flow (which can prevent infection and boost immune performance)

While it’s difficult for many seniors to get up and about, there are a number of exercises that even individuals with limited mobility can perform on a regular basis. Speak with your health care provider or a physical therapist to learn more.

4) Sleep Better

A healthy sleep pattern may be nearly impossible for older individuals to maintain but deep REM sleep is essential for boosting mental health and giving the body the chance it needs to recoup and repair itself overnight. Studies have found that seniors who sleep better have better mental acuity, live longer, and have healthier appetites. If your loved one has trouble sleeping, speak with your health care provider to learn tips and tricks for better sleep or to find a medication that helps.

5) Socialize

Staying socially engaged combats loneliness. Loneliness in elderly individuals can lead to depression which can take a physical toll on an older person’s health and even decrease their ability to heal after an injury. If family caregivers can’t spend as much time as they would like with older individuals, look for community groups, church groups, or senior activity centers that let older individuals mingle.

Healthier Seniors Live at Home Longer

It’s our goal to help you help your loved ones to live independently at home for as long as possible. These healthy habits for elderly individuals are a good place to start but if the time comes when you need a little more help Second Family Home Care in Dallas, Texas is here for you. We offer full or part time experienced in-home caregivers that can help with:

  1. Medication reminders

  2. Light housekeeping

  3. Meal prep

  4. Travel to and from appointments

  5. Hygiene and toileting

And so much more!

Give us a call at (972) 347-0700 to schedule your in-home consultation today.

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