Are You Considering Home Care in Texas for a Loved One?

Maybe you’ve noticed that dad’s unopened mail is piling up. Or mom, once meticulous about her appearance, is wearing wrinkled clothes and not doing her hair. When you bring up the subject, you hear, “Everything is fine. There’s no need to worry.”

Admitting they need help would mean they can’t take care of themselves anymore, and no one wants to lose their independence. The burden often falls on the family to recognize the signs that an aging parent might need help with daily living tasks.  It’s a difficult decision once you realize that your loved one needs help at home, but breaking that news to your parent or other family member can be difficult–for both of you. How can you make that transition into home care easier?

Elderly Parents Funny

Understanding Their Resistance to Home Care

It’s not easy for an older individual to “give up” their independence. Many seniors have dealt with multiple losses in later life (physical or emotional). Clinging to their independence—even at the cost of their own well-being—can help them feel empowered and overcome feelings of insecurit