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Assessing Your Loved One’s Home Care Needs Sooner than Later

Elder Care in Frisco, TX – Can You Provide the Care they Need, or will You Need Some Help?

It starts out slowly at first, then months or years have gone by before you notice your mom is depending a lot more on you, needing more of your time and not remembering things as well as she used to. You may not be able to pinpoint when it all began because it can creep up slowly and not be noticed very much at first. Soon you realize you are making decisions for her. It kind of seems like you are her parent now. Are both of you happy about the situation?

What you really need at this point in time, or even sooner, is a planning session. Both of you will be much happier and more settled into this family caregiving routine if you have set out some plans and guidelines on how things are going to work as time goes by.

It’s a good idea to have the conversation about home care for the elderly sooner rather than later. Everybody ages; it’s a fact of life you can’t avoid. Instead of waiting until some type of crisis occurs and it’s hard to think clearly because everyone is emotionally charged, start bringing up the subject right now when it’s a little more comfortable.

Some of the factors to include in your conversation:

  1. How will you handle the retirement of her driver’s license? How will you make the decision she can no longer drive safely?

  2. How will elderly home care be paid for?

  3. How can family members be included in caregiving?

  4. What kinds of hobbies/activities does she want to continue and which new ones does she want to pursue?

  5. Exercise routines?

Staying active in the community and socially with groups of friends is an essential part of keeping up good mental health. Mental and physical health are strongly linked, so ensure your mom has ample opportunities to be involved in activities with other people.

The more your mom can be involved in the decision making, the better. Talk together about how she envisions her future and how she wants to spend it. Is she aware of all the home care options? That a caregiver can accompany her on trips? And they can take her shopping or to doctor’s appointments?

You can have an assessment made of your mom’s home to ensure it is hazard-free and safe for a senior. This would include wide hallways well-lit, grab bars in the bathroom and a non-slip kitchen floor.

If, after this assessment, you feel that you can no longer provide the amount of care your elderly loved one needs, consider hiring home care services to fill in the gaps and ensure your mom gets the care she needs.

If You Or An Aging Loved One Are Considering Hiring Elder Care In Frisco, TX, Please Call The Caring Staff At Second Family Home Care At (972) 347-0700).


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