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At-Home Care in Plano—Helping Texas Seniors Stay at Home Affordably

In the last ten years, the population of elderly individuals in many of the urban areas in Texas has nearly doubled. This has led to a unique situation in The Lone Star State: older individuals often outnumber younger people in any given neighborhood. Unfortunately, the cost of housing in these neighborhoods continues to increase. This poses a series of challenges for aging individuals. Do they pay the rent or for other necessities like prescription drugs, food, and even at-home care in cities like Plano, Texas.

As the younger population in Texas continues to migrate (into cities or out of state) the bonds with family caregivers stretch and sometimes break. This leaves older people feeling like they have no options beyond assisted living facilities.

But there are things you can do to ensure your loved one has the security they need to feel safe in their own homes without sacrificing the care they need.

Two Ways to Help Seniors Live Safely and Securely at Home


Remember The Golden Girls? A group of older ladies pooling rent money outside Miami. It created comedic gold in its day but the show can serve as a modern model for safe living for seniors.

Co-housing offers a number of benefits that make it more attractive than an assisted living home.

  1. Security—individuals can look after each other.

  2. Companionship—elderly individuals living together can keep each other company (which has a host of mental and physical benefits).

  3. Financial Stability—pooling rent money can ease the financial burden of housing, freeing more money for healthcare, etc..

  4. Independence—seniors can live longer at home.

Co-housing may not be a good fit for everyone. However, it may be the best option for some seniors. It doesn’t hurt to consider it or even try it on a probationary basis.

Part-Time At-Home Care in Plano, Texas

Rather than transferring an otherwise able elderly individual into assisted living, a better (and more affordable) option might be to seek part-time at home care for seniors in Plano, Texas and the surrounding area. Not only can at home care help seniors feel more capable and avoid depression that aging individuals suffer when their independence is taken away, it’s not as costly as nursing homes, full-time care, or assisted living facilities.

This is an excellent option if your loved one is healthy enough to live alone but needs help with relatively minor things like mobility, running errands, reminders, and the like.

Second Family Home Care provides professional caregivers in any capacity, whether it be 24/7 care or part-time care, we can do it all —eliminating a significant portion of the cost associated with full-time care. This non-medical assistance includes:

  1. Companionship

  2. Meal Prep

  3. Medication/Appointment Reminders

  4. Transportation

And MUCH more. Even if a seniors’ needs require more hands-on personal assistance, like bathing, toileting, or grooming, we can help with these needs as well.

We already know that seniors thrive better if they can stay in their own home. Combined, these essential services can help keep aging individuals as independent as possible and help them save money for more important things.

For more information about affordable at home care in Plano, Texas and the surrounding area, contact Second Family Home Care. Call (972) 347-0700 today.

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