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Elderly Care Fun: Tips for Enjoying the Celestial Skies on Meteor Day

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The universe is an amazing thing, but in the stress and sometimes chaos of your busy elderly care schedule, it may be uncommon for you to actually spend time appreciating the beauty and majesty of the sky that stretches right over your head every night. On June 30, change this and create some incredible memories with your elderly loved ones by celebrating Meteor Day.

“Meteors” is the proper name for what are often referred to as “shooting stars”. These are tiny bits of celestial debris that enter the atmosphere and ignite, creating the blaze that streams across the sky. While it is possible to see meteors at any time of the year, there are certain periods when they are more likely, including June, August, and December. During these times, you can expect showers, which often mean seeing 40 or more meteors an hour.

Getting out and enjoying a meteor shower is a fantastic way to spend unique quality time with your aging loved ones, and can be combined with further study of the sky, stars, and other celestial bodies for an ongoing mental exercise that will keep your minds nimble and your curiosity piqued.

Use these tips to plan a fun, safe night enjoying the magic of the celestial skies on Meteor Day and throughout the year:

• Bundle up. Even in the summertime, nights can get surprisingly cold. The best time to see meteors is after midnight, meaning it will be the darkest and the coldest. Dress in layers and bring along blankets to ensure you all stay comfortable during your meteor vigil. Remember to bring along a thermos of hot coffee or tea to keep you fueled up for your night of stargazing.

• Seek wide-open spaces. The best way to see as many meteors as possible during your watch is to head somewhere where the sky is open and there is as little light pollution as possible. The countryside is best, getting you out where there are open fields and away from the lights of cities and suburbs. Ideally there should be no buildings or trees in your path of vision when you look up at the sky.

• Get comfortable. You do not want to sit with your neck craned back for hours to look at the sky. Instead, bring along reclining lawn chairs that let you sit back, relax, and enjoy the celestial show. Line the chairs with blankets before sitting down to prevent a chill.

• No equipment necessary. You do not need any special equipment to enjoy the meteors. In fact, using binoculars or a telescope can actually diminish your chances of seeing many of the lights because they streak across the sky, requiring the broader visual scope of your unaided eye. One piece of equipment you may want to bring along is a red-tinted flashlight that will provide illumination without interfering with your eyes’ night vision capabilities. Simply attach several layers of red cellophane over the top of a normal flashlight with a rubber band to create this type of light.

If you would like extra help assisting and caring for your parents during your nighttime excursion, or one of your parents does not want to go, get in touch with the elder care agency in your area to find out about hiring an elderly health care services provider to offer support during your stargazing trip.

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