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Happy Anniversary With Second Family Home Care!

Second Family Home Care is proud to announce that one of our clients recently celebrated his one year anniversary of service with us- congratulations to Mr. Floyd Aiken  of Plano, Texas!

In honor of this milestone, Director of Marketing Tim Powell brought Mr. Aiken a special gift recently. One of Mr. Aiken’s favorite things to do is to sit in his chair in the living room and watch the squirrels come up on to the patio to eat the food he leaves out for them. We were able to find a squirrel feeder that is in the shape of an actual squirrel itself! We hope it enhances his enjoyment of watching the squirrels eat, and certainly hope no one mistakes it for a real one!

Mr Aiken

We would also like to express our gratitude to Mr. Aiken’s daughter Amy, and her husband Stephen, for opening their home and allowing us the opportunity and privilege to provide care services for Mr. Aiken over the past year.

Clients like Mr. Aiken and his family are our real treasure- we look forward to continuing our services for them and we hope the squirrels will remain plentiful!

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