Help Seniors Take Brain Health Into Their Own Hands

One of the most significant changes people face as they age is a decline in brain health. Diseases like Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline related to physical, chemical, or hormonal changes can exact a serious toll on our ability to remember, perform routine activities, and even care for ourselves as we get older. However, many of us don’t take brain health seriously enough.

According to data collected by The American Society on Aging only 3% of Americans consider brain health as the most important health issue facing them. Only 37% ever voice concerns about memory and mental faculties to a doctor or nurse.

Why don’t seniors take ask for help more often?

Many believe that improving brain health is difficult or (perhaps even more frightening) may be impossible. Genetics and other drivers beyond an individual’s control (such as the environment in which they worked) do play an important role in shaping a person’s overall brain health as they age. But they’re not the only factors.

Activities Bad for Brain Health

There are a number of activities you engage in everyday that can dramatically decrease your brain health over time. These include:

  1. Eating a Poor Quality Diet

  2. Improperly Caring for Existing Conditions (Heart Disease, Diabetes, etc.)

  3. Not Getting Enough Sleep

  4. Lack of Physical Activity

  5. Not Engaging with Others Socially

Unfortunately, seniors fall easy prey to many of these bad habits often suffering from “contributing factors” like sleep apnea, depression, reduced income, and decreased mobility.

Turn Back the Tide – Boost Your Brain Healthy Naturally