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How Can Pets Reduce Caregiver Stress?

Caregivers in Frisco, TX – The Invaluable Relationship Between Seniors and Their Pets Extends to Caregivers As Well

For most of his life, Larry had pets. When he was a kid, his parents didn’t allow him to have a cat or dog. He did have a couple of goldfish and he took care of them extremely well. When he was out on his own, he got a cat and eventually became passionate about cats and dogs. He owned several at any given time.

When he retired, his family encouraged him to give up his pets. They were concerned with the fact that he couldn’t even take care of himself any longer and worrying about a pet or several pets was going to be too much for him.

He didn’t listen and continued to have his pets, even though they certainly offered him numerous challenges as he aged. His eldest daughter became a de facto caregiver for him because she lived close enough to stop by on a regular basis.

One thing she realized quickly was that whenever his pets were around, Larry seemed to be more comfortable and at ease with whatever situation he was facing. She didn’t have any pets at the moment, and while she experienced some level of caregiver stress over time, she found that when she sat down in his living room and one of his cats came up to sit on her lap, the simple act of petting the cat soothed her emotions and made her feel better.

Scientific research shows that pets can help reduce anxiety.

There have been numerous studies through the years to show how pets can affect anxiety and reduce blood pressure. Just the companionship that cats and dogs can offer a person is powerful in reducing loneliness, depression, and even anxiety. The act of petting an animal, especially a cat that purrs when it sits next to you or on your lap, can be highly effective at reducing blood pressure and stress levels.

While scientific research indicates that pets can be highly beneficial for the elderly, they can also help caregivers reduce the level of stress they experience. For someone like Larry’s daughter, caregiver stress doesn’t have to be overwhelming, especially when they realize the value that pets offer.

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