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How Home Care Can Protect Your Parents’ Privacy

Home Care in Plano, TX – A Home Care Provider Can Ensure Your Elderly Loved One’s Privacy and Dignity During Sensitive Situations

Privacy is important for everyone, and the physical and cognitive challenges that come with aging do not change this. Even if your elderly parents have difficulty taking care of themselves, they still have a sense of autonomy and privacy that deserves respect. The reality is that many of the physical, mobility, and cognitive needs of elderly adults make it so that some of their privacy must be sacrificed to ensure they remain safe and healthy.

It can be difficult for your parents to accept the changes in their privacy, particularly if they have always been extremely private people. They may be uncomfortable with the idea of you taking on responsibilities that are essential but that put you in a position they feel is inappropriate for a child and parent. In this situation, home care can preserve your parents’ sense of privacy while also ensuring they get the care and assistance they need and deserve.

Some of the ways that having a home care provider can help you aging loved ones manage their physical and cognitive needs while preserving their privacy include:

Dignity during bathing. For many seniors, the idea of allowing their adult children bathe them is completely unacceptable. Just the thought of it is enough to convince them not to bathe at all, leading to a variety of issues. Rather than making shower time a struggle and fighting with your parents every step of the way, hiring a home care provider completely removes you from the situation and puts your parents instead in the hands of a professional. For many elderly adults, having a professional handle such a delicate tasks is less stressful because it does not require breaking privacy they have maintained with you for your entire life.

Toileting assistance. Toileting is one of the most private activities of a person’s life, but many mobility, physical, and cognitive concerns make it challenging to sit and stand from the toilet safely, cleanse themselves thoroughly, or even fully know when they need to eliminate. If one of your parents has these challenges you or the other parent may be trying to help but encountering resistance from an embarrassed and uncomfortable senior. This could result in unhealthy behaviors such as hiding soiled clothing, going to the bathroom alone and not cleaning themselves thoroughly, or avoiding going to the bathroom because they do not want to face the embarrassment of getting help and end up having accidents throughout the home. A home care provider offers compassionate assistance but without the emotional personal relationship that could make this act difficult for your elderly parents.

Morning and evening preparations. For many children, their parents’ bedroom is off-limits. You may think that as an adult this should not matter as much, but your parents likely have the same feelings regarding their private space within their home. This could make it uncomfortable for them for you to help them get up in the morning or get ready for bed at night. A home care provider can come in for a few hours in the morning to help your parents get up, get dressed, and be ready for the day, and then again in the evening to bathe, get in their pajamas, and get tucked in for the night.

If You Or An Aging Loved One Are Considering Hiring Home Care in Plano, TX, Please Call The Caring Staff At Second Family Home Care At (972) 846-HOME (4663).



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