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Managing a Social Life as a Newly Single Senior

Senior Care in McKinney, TX – Here are Some Helpful Tips for Getting Back into a Social Life for Seniors

If your senior parent is newly single, she or he may be having a tough time fitting in to the social scene again. They are not used to attending activities alone. This post will give them some ideas they can try.

When is the last time you went to a social event alone, without your significant other? How about your last “first” date? As we age, either through divorce or death, seniors often find themselves back at the beginning of the social mine-field. After coming to terms with such a significant loss, seniors will realize that in order to continue living a fulfilling life, they will have to somehow re-enter social activities as a single senior.

This can be a daunting task after being “one-half” of a couple for decades. The alternative however, is isolation and loneliness; not a healthy result for anyone after losing a loved one. Each individual will know when they are ready to face the social world again after the grieving and depression of ending a long-term relationship. It is important to not rush this step and allow it to take its own course. It will be faster for some than others and there is no specific timeline to follow. When the time is right, try looking into the past to guide the future.

What hobbies and interests did you have as a couple that you would still enjoy pursuing as an individual? What are some interests that you were always interested but never seemed to have time to develop? Is there something that you always wanted to do but were hesitant, or knew it was something your partner would not be interested in exploring? Answering these questions give a starting point to getting out there and re-introducing yourself to social situations where there is genuine interest and a certain comfort level. Are you still at a loss? Here are some suggestions to think about;

  1. Visit a nearby community center to see what classes and clubs they offer.

  2. Join a club such as bridge, chess, mountain climbing, or a book club.

  3. Check your city guide for organized classes and activities such as aqua aerobics classes and cooking classes.

  4. Volunteer! There are numerous organizations and companies that invite volunteers to help on a regular basis. Find one that combines a personal interest to have the greatest fulfillment from the experience.

  5. Go back to school! Most universities and community colleges offer discounted or even free courses to seniors. Other venues such as local art galleries also offer community-based programs.

  6. Join a church or other religious group. Bible studies, quilting clubs, and even wine-making groups are ways of meeting members of either a new church or one you have attended for years but never had time for this type of involvement.

There are as many opportunities to become socially involved again, as there are books in a library. The key is to find something within your comfort zone, at least to begin with, and then, as you become more comfortable, branch out and try new and interesting things. No longer being part of a couple does not mean the end of a social life. It is an opportunity to explore existing interests deeper and try out newfound passions.

If your senior parent is lonely for companionship, consider hiring senior home services. A gentle and loving caregiver can be a great companion as well as providing assistance with the everyday chores.

If You Or An Aging Loved One Are Considering Hiring Senior Care in McKinney, TX, Please Call The Caring Staff At Second Family Home Care At (972) 846-HOME (4663).


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