NIA Recommends In-Home Care so Individuals Can Age in Place

Studies have shown that elderly individuals struggling with the reality of their declining ability to care for themselves actually fear the loss of their independence and being forced to move into a nursing home more than death itself. Thankfully there are many more options available to your loved ones now than simply “moving into a home.” In fact, the National Institute on Aging suggests that in-home care can help seniors who want to age in place stay in their own homes for longer. Additionally, that in-home care can help alleviate some of the burden that caring for an older individual can place on family members and friends of the family.

How In-Home Care Benefits Everyone

People who use some type of professional in-home care enjoy a number of benefits that families shouldering the burden of caring for a loved one all by themselves simply do not.

For Family Members and Friends

  1. Firstly, in-home care is actually much more affordable (in most cases) than transferring your elderly loved one into an assisted living facility.

  2. Home care can also be used on an as-needed basis rather than as a permanent solution which allows family members greater flexibility with their own personal schedules.

  3. In-home care also alleviates the stress associated with leaving an aging loved one alone during “trouble times” like at night or when they’re recovering from injury or medical procedures.

The peace of mind that in-home care provides is priceless.

For Elderly Individuals Who Don’t Want to Leave Their Homes And for the elderly individuals for whom the in-home care is intended, having a professional assist them as-needed can be liberating.

  1. Having someone in their home gives them comfort, security, and companionship when family and friends aren’t available.

  2. There’s no need to move out of their life-long homes or give up their independence.