Overcoming Objections to Professional Home Care

An AARP survey shows that 82% of seniors would prefer to stay at home even if they needed daily home care assistance. However, the decision to hire professional home care (rather than relying on family members) can be difficult to make. It can also be difficult for family caregivers to entrust their loved ones to outside individuals.

However, finding balance between safety, security, and independence (for both family caregivers and seniors aging in place) is crucial for everyone’s well-being.

Below you’ll find some “talking points” you can use to overcome your loved one’s objections to professional home care.

Caregiver 3

The Need for Professional Home Care

Aging individuals may accept a poorer quality of life as their new “normal.” This can make spotting the need for professional home care difficult. However, as The Wall Street Journal notes, it is definitely time when your aging loved one can no longer care for themselves safely on a daily basis. They suffer unnecessarily when they:

  1. Forget medications

  2. Drop familiar habits because of fear or pain

  3. Forego personal hygiene