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Overcoming Objections to Professional Home Care

An AARP survey shows that 82% of seniors would prefer to stay at home even if they needed daily home care assistance. However, the decision to hire professional home care (rather than relying on family members) can be difficult to make. It can also be difficult for family caregivers to entrust their loved ones to outside individuals.

However, finding balance between safety, security, and independence (for both family caregivers and seniors aging in place) is crucial for everyone’s well-being.

Below you’ll find some “talking points” you can use to overcome your loved one’s objections to professional home care.

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The Need for Professional Home Care

Aging individuals may accept a poorer quality of life as their new “normal.” This can make spotting the need for professional home care difficult. However, as The Wall Street Journal notes, it is definitely time when your aging loved one can no longer care for themselves safely on a daily basis. They suffer unnecessarily when they:

  1. Forget medications

  2. Drop familiar habits because of fear or pain

  3. Forego personal hygiene

  4. Stop cooking/eating properly

Caring individuals from Second Family Home Care can help with daily chores, personal hygiene, cooking, and errands so your loved one doesn’t have to sacrifice to stay at home.

Coping with Dwindling Independence

42% of seniors say maintaining control over their own lives is the number 1 reason they want to stay at home. But accepting help doesn’t mean having to sacrifice control. When you employ a sensitive home care professional, they understand that need for control. Indeed, the level of care they provide can be adjusted so seniors receive as much or as little assistance as they need and only when they need it.

The Cost of Home Care

Cost is one of the biggest obstacles to professional home care in a senior’s mind. However, a survey by Genworth (a nationwide insurance company) found home care can be much less costly than alternatives. The nationwide median average for non-medical hourly home care is just $25. That’s far less expensive that nursing homes and assisted living facilities which charge up to an average of $300 per day.

The Unexpected Benefits of Home Care Professionals

When you find the right home care professional, they become like a part of the family—a close friend your aging loved one can rely on for companionship as well as assistance. Second Family Home Care encourages the creation of these lasting relationships and knows how something as simple as having a sympathetic ear can truly make a difference in an aging individual’s day.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of professional home care, call (972) 347-0700 now.

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