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Protect Your Elderly Loved One From Cold Winter Weather

As the Cold Weather Continues, Use these Helpful Tips for Keeping Your Senior Loved One Safe in Winter

As winter approaches (eventually), some areas will see the cold weather lasting through March and maybe even April. Though cold weather is usually known as a discomfort or inconvenience more than anything, this time of year can also be very hazardous for an elder’s health. Low temperatures can lead to hypothermia and depression while icy or wet grounds dramatically increase the chance of slipping and falling. Indeed the winter season has its dangers when it comes to seniors, but there are some very easy steps to prevent winter-related injuries. With some help from you and your caregiving professional, your loved one can have a healthy and happy winter season this year.

  1. Warm Clothes – make sure that your senior has an abundance of warm clothes. For outdoor wear, ensure that your loved one has thick jackets, scarves, winter hats, an umbrella, and gloves to keep them warm during errands and walks. For indoor wear, ensure that they have enough sweatshirts, sweaters, wool socks, long johns, and sweatpants so they can relax comfortably even in the harshest conditions. Stretches – Every morning, encourage your elder to do some stretches. This helps improve the blood circulation throughout the body. This keeps your elder from going stiff or experiencing back problems.

  2. Heating Pad – Another great tool for both stretching and body warmth is a heating pad. Heating pads are useful because they press right up against the body and give immediate warmth to loosen muscles. These are great for an elder who’s about to exercise or simply experiencing coldness in certain parts of the body.

  3. Heater – Your elder’s heater must be functioning. Make sure to test the heater regularly so that your elder can easily raise the room’s temperature if conditions get uncomfortable. This is especially true for houses with brick walls that trap cold air. The thermostat should always be set at 68 degrees or higher.

  4. Fireplace – If your senior citizen has a fireplace, encourage them to use it. A fireplace is a much more reliable source of heat than a heater and it’s less expensive to use.

  5. Shoes – Your elder’s winter shoes must be slip-proof so they can walk outside safely. They must also be warm and water proof so your loved one doesn’t have to experience the misery of wet feet when they’re away from the house.

  6. Avoiding Going Outside – If your elder has an errand or chore they want to take care of on a stormy day, encourage them to wait until the weather is better. Though you can prepare your elder for harsh outdoor conditions, they can avoid all of risks by simply staying inside during harsher days.

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