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Refreshing Your Parents’ Home with the Help of Home Care Providers

Homecare in Plano, TX – Small Improvements Can Make a Big Difference in How Your Elderly Loved One Views Their Space

Giving your parents’ home or their space within your home a boost does not have to be a major undertaking. Just a few simple changes can add up to a major difference in how the space looks and feels for your parents and their visitors. Ask your parents if they have any ideas about what types of changes they would like in their home and then sit down with their in home health care services provider to plan how she can help you achieve some of these changes.

Some of the projects a home care provider may be able to do with your parents to help them freshen up their space and create a more beautiful home include:

Add a pop of color to furniture. Show off your parents’ style and bring some energy and brightness into their space by adding color to their furniture. Throw pillows and afghans are useful additions to sofas and chairs, and they are so much fun to make your parents may want to create several sets using different colors so they can change up the look of their room throughout the year. Ask the in home care provider if she shares some of the same crafting skills as your parents, such as crocheting, knitting, quilting, or blanket knotting. Encourage them to go shopping for the materials they need for their project and create beautiful details to liven up the space

Create a family collage. Get those family photos out of the albums and shoe boxes and up where your parents can enjoy them all the time. Let the care provider help your parents mat and frame their favorite pictures and hang them on a wall in the living room or sitting room. Hang them at different heights and in different styles of complimentary frames rather than hanging them in straight rows. This adds an artistic, creative element to the pictures for a unique look

Never forget the power of scent. Much of refreshing their home will be about creating a more attractive space for your parents, but freshening up with scent is just as powerful. A home that smells good is more welcoming and comfortable, so ask your parents to choose a scent that makes them feel at home. Whether they enjoy a light, crisp scent like fresh linen or a cozy, homey smell like vanilla or apple pie, adding fragrance through scented oils, candles, and potpourri enhances the home

Bring in flowers. Even if you do not make major decorative changes throughout the home, a bouquet of fresh flowers livens up the space with color and fragrance. Give the home care provider a budget and ask her to bring in fresh flowers once a week. If your parents prefer not to have cut flowers, let the care provider choose some potted plants to add to the home. Taking care of those plants can become an activity your parents and their care provider do together.

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