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Senior Care Tips: Helping Your Elderly Parents through a Move

Senior Care in Denton, TX

For many aging adults, getting older means downsizing. While it may or may not have anything to do with their finances, downsizing for a senior can make life much easier and more comfortable. Leaving a large home they own for a smaller home or apartment they rent can offer tremendous benefits from having less space that needs cleaning to saving money on housing expenses, to having the additional help of a landlord or management company that takes care of things such as yard maintenance and home repairs.

No matter the reason, if your senior care plan with your elderly parents features an impending move, it is important to plan carefully so you can execute the transition as smoothly and with as little stress as possible. Whether they plan to age in place in a smaller house, an apartment, or even in your home, helping your parents cope with the challenges of the move makes it easier for them and helps them focus not on the difficult aspects of leaving the home they are accustomed to, but the excitement of moving into a new home and enjoying a new chapter of life.

As you prepare yourself and your elderly parents for their move, use some of these tips to get everyone ready and make the transition less daunting:

Ask for help. Moving your parents’ lives from one home to another is a major feat, and you should not feel like you have to do it all on your own. Asking for help lets you turn your focus from trying to juggle all of the details of the move to paying attention to your parents and ensuring they are managing the move with their safety and health in mind. Get in touch with the elder care agency in your area to get recommendations for moving companies with experience helping elders and ask about hiring a senior health care services provider to provide support and physical assistance for your parents’ needs during the move itself. In addition to professionals, call in help from family members, friends, and neighbors who are willing to lend a hand. Seniors often feel more comfortable accepting help from people they know

Plan ahead. Some moves happen very suddenly, but if possible start planning 8 weeks or more in advance. This gives you time to sort through items and make calm decisions rather than feeling stressed and pressured by a looming deadline. Set goals for how much you intend to handle at set points throughout this preparation stage so you can watch your progress and get a sense of accomplishment as you take each step. The planning stage includes sorting through items to downsize the number of possessions in the new home, packing, and making notifications to insurance companies, utilities, and others who need to know where your parents live

Cooperate. Whether they are moving into another home where they will live independently or are transitioning into your home, your elderly parents and you are in this move together. Cooperate with each other throughout the planning, packing, and actual move to keep tense emotions down and make difficult decisions more approachable. Remember that you may see piles of old junk where your parents see treasured memories and keepsakes. Be kind and supportive as you guide them through letting go of items and preparing for a simpler, more streamlined lifestyle

Color code. Trying to keep track of which items are moving with your parents, which are staying at the old house, which are going into storage, and which are being discarded or donated can be overwhelming. Writing everything down on a legal pad works, but it can get confusing and is time-consuming to organize when the actual moving day comes. Instead, set up a color coding system that makes it easy to instantly recognize which items go where. Use large, brightly-colored dot stickers in distinctly different colors so all the moving team has to do is look at an item and they know what to do with it.

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