Terri Wozniak – Employee of the Year!!!

Huge congrats to Second Family Home Care’s Terri Wozniak for receiving 2016 Employee of the Year! Terri started working for Second Family Home Care in in January 2016 as a caregiver. She was extremely dependable, was never late and never called out, not even once. Clients she worked for consistently gave her praise and consistently asked for her over and over. After a few short months, Terri was brought into the office part-time to help with recruiting. Terri demonstrated a true, raw talent of working with people. She sincerely cared for each employee she hired and worked hard at getting them to achieve their goals. Next, Terri starting taking on more responsibility in the office and was recently promoted to supervisor! Terri embodies what it means to be a compassionate caregiver, a team player and a role model of our Second Family Home Care core values.

When asked what her favorite memory has been while working at Second Family Home Care, her response was, “Wow! There are so many! Working in the office has been so rewarding and learning the supervisory role has been a very big thing for me! I have loved working with all the clients too, especially the ones where I am able to share my faith; those clients bring a special memory to me.”

Owner/Administrator, Becca Metoyer stated, “Terri is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. She does everything with a smile on her face and I have not once heard her complain or come to work with anything except a positive attitude. She even gets me in a better mood when I’m around her! Terri has never called in sick in the last year since she started which alone makes her stand out but I think one of the biggest compliments any employee can receive in this industry is when a client specifically asks for a caregiver back! Anytime we put Terri on a job, they ALWAYS want her back and unfortunately, there is only one Terri Wozniak! She is and will continue to be a very special asset to Second Family Home Care.