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Here at Second Family Home Care, we have caregivers that are working out in the field, either in a seniors’ home or an assisted living or memory care facility, providing essential care for our seniors. We are dedicated to ensuring our clients are safe and healthy as well as our employees who are working out there amidst this COVID-19 crisis. We are doing this by asking screening questions before every shift, of both our employees as well our clients, and we are in daily contact with each person actively working for us.

Caregivers are some of the most wonderful, dedicated people and fortunately for our senior community, they are considered essential workers. We feel blessed to be able to keep them working during this difficult time. Caregivers have a special heart for taking care of people, even while putting themselves at risk during this challenging time. We hear all over the news about the healthcare workers; how dedicated they are and how selfless they are, and it is absolutely true. What is not getting said are kudos for the tens of thousands of caregivers who are out there providing front line care for so many of our seniors. They are not nurses or skilled professionals and do not provide “healthcare” but caregivers are the ones that help seniors with the everyday tasks we all do for ourselves without a second thought. Caregivers help by getting their client up in the morning, assisting them with bathing, brushing their teeth, combing their hair, getting them dressed then making sure they are prepared nutritional meals throughout the day. The caregiver is the one who provides one-on-one care to our clients. It is the caregiver who comes up with ideas to keep their client active whether by doing exercises, playing games or cards with them or working puzzles or coloring books and simply just being a great companion; someone they can talk to, laugh with and live life!

The next time you see a caregiver helping another senior, please stop and tell them, “Thanks for doing what you do!” It will make their day!

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