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Trivia and Tunes Fun with Country Lane Senior Community in McKinney

The Trivia and Tunes fun continued recently at the Country Lane Senior Community in McKinney. 64 residents participated and answered questions posed at them by our Director of Marketing, Tim Powell. Some of the questions were readily answered but who could possibly know that TV program size used to be indicated by the measurement of water pressure to indicate when the most toilet flushes took place during a particular program???? Toilet flushes and thus water pressure went up when the most popular programs would run their commercials! We’ve come a long way to the Nielsen Ratings we have today!

Many of the questions are song related and the residents enjoyed hearing Tim sing and singing along to favorites like “Jeepers Creepers”, “O What a Beautiful Mornin’”, and “When I Fall in Love.” We also had a drawing at the end to raffle off door prizes with goodies – everyone loves to win something!

Country Lane in McKinney is an Independent Living community actually comprised of four unique communities all next door to each other- Country Lane, Grand Texan, Grand Reserve, and The Villas. Residents at each community enjoy a unique lifestyle free from the responsibilities of home ownership. A large number of sites, shops, and superior medical facilities are located just minutes away!

Dee Hollon is the Director of Activities for all four communities and does a wonderful job keeping the residents engaged and entertained with a variety of daily events and opportunities. She was very gracious and welcoming host to us and has invited us back again to do Trivia and Tunes at another one of their communities! We had a wonderful time with all of the residents and look forward to being back with them very soon!



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