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Trivia and Tunes with Second Family Home Care

Where did the headlight dimmer switch on a car used to be located?

What song made famous by Andy Williams was featured in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s?”

With freshly popped popcorn in hand, the residents of Cottonwood Estates Independent Living in Plano sat back and enjoyed the debut of “Trivia and Tunes with Tim.” In this fun and unique` event, Director of Marketing Tim Powell asks a series of trivia questions. Some of the questions are music related and the answer might be a song title. When the residents guess the name of the song, Tim sings the song for them and with them, much to everyone’s delight.

Enrichment Coordinator, Connie Sommers does a wonderful job planning events for the resident of Cottonwood Estates that keep everyone active and engaged and this was no exception. The room was full and there were even residents watching and participating from the second floor mezzanine!

Second Family Home Care is thrilled that Connie has invited us to make Trivia and Tunes with Tim a monthly event! These residents are not easily fooled though. They are sharp and love trivia and music! We will have to work hard next time to find questions that will stump them but we can’t wait to be back! A great time was had by all!




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