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What Time is It? Running Late for Senior Care and Why this is a Bad Habit

Senior Care in Plano, TX – By Not Valuing Your Senior Loved One’s Time, You Could Be Putting them in Danger

It’s Monday morning and even though your alarm went off more than two hours ago, you push the snooze, or thought you did, and ended up over sleeping. You wake up in a jolt to see the time and begin to panic. Once again, you are late for work.

You get to work and your boss lays into you about your tardiness. He or she is really approaching the end of their rope. They tell you that one more time and you could be out there looking for new job. You take the verbal assault in stride as it is something you are used to by now. You don’t take the threats too seriously, and that’s probably because you don’t truly appreciate the value of timeliness. So when you are providing senior care for your grandmother, you may end up showing up late on a regular basis.

For that individual, that family member, they aren’t likely to get so upset about you being late all the time like your boss. However, being late is showing the other individual that you do not respect their time and don’t value the relationship that you have with them.

When you show up late as a senior care provider, you’re essentially telling the elderly individual that their life is not nearly as important as your own. Well, not necessarily as important as your own, but as important as whatever caused you to be late in the first place. Not only that, you could be putting them at risk for injury or worse. If you miss breakfast, and they make something on the stove and accidentally leave it on, the consequences could be devastating.

If you provide senior care services to anyone, whether it is a family member or you are being paid for the services, being on time is essential. Not only is the elderly individual relying on you to be there for them, when you show up late regularly, you are basically telling them that they are an afterthought in your life and they deserve so much more than that.

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