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Let Us Be Your Second Family
Need Help Temporarily?
We Have the Answer.

Short Term Recovery Services

Sometimes a little extra help can make a difference in how soon patients can return home. Second Family Home Care is ready to assist with any non-medical services needed. Our short-term recovery services are an outstanding solution that allows seniors or for that matter anyone, to recover at home following surgery, an illness or an accident. Since it's proven that people rebound more quickly in the comfort of their of own home, Second Family Home Care services can mean a shorter stay in a rehabilitation facility.

Rest and Recharge

The role you’ve taken as a family caregiver is an important one. Your loved one and other family members depend on you. As the primary caregiver, not only do you deserve an occasional break but it’s really necessary so you can recharge your physical, spiritual, and emotional batteries. It’s critical that you take the time to care for yourself to ensure that you’re not getting rundown and that you’ll be up to the challenges of this daunting responsibility. Whether you need to go to the doctor, shop, attend a child’s school event, go to church, get some much-needed exercise, or just have lunch with a friend, our respite care services allow you to relax and enjoy yourself while knowing that your family member is well cared for in your absence. Our respite care program is also a wonderful solution when you go on vacation, travel for the holidays, or attend an out-of-town event such as a wedding or reunion. The caregivers of Second Family Home Care are ready to step in with the same considerate care and concern for your loved one’s needs so you can get away for any reason.

We are ready to take care of your loved one.

End-of-Life Care

We can provide comforting, end-of-life care for your loved one and assist the family during this difficult time. Our compassionate caregivers come to the aid of individuals who have been diagnosed with limited life expectancy. We help them and your family with emotional and moral support as well as helping out around the home and providing personal and companionship care – whatever is needed.


Second Family Home Care can support the family directly or work in partnership with a hospice agency or medical provider to fully meet the family’s needs. Our ultimate goal is to help families make the most of their time together and to help lighten the burden at a very difficult time. We can also continue to help after a loved one’s passing. Our caregivers help families deal with the loss and assist with tasks such as organizing personal items and moving belongings, or just simply being there to listen if family members need to talk.

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